About the Site

NewsChat is not your conventional messageboard.

Over the years, messageboards and social media sites have been full of speculation, gossip and rumour regarding television news. We're sick of it. 

NewsChat is a friendly place for people of all walks of life to discuss news channels. 

From programmes to presentation, you'll be able to discuss the merits of what broadcasters do and don't do. There may even be the occasional insider making an appearance on the site to discuss the issues with you!

On our site, we promise you this:

* No stupid posts such as "Presenter X is off, is she pregnant?" We don't want to know the ins and outs of people's private lives here, nor should we be trying to work out whether there's a deeper meaning behind trivial incidents. (i.e. "That music cue played out five seconds too early - it MUST mean the channel is at death's door!)

* A friendly and welcoming atmosphere, free of cliquishness and trolling. We won't tolerate members who make it their mission to upset and annoy others.

If this sounds like your kind of place, then you're more than welcome to join us.

NewsChat is owned and operated by Robert Francis and is part of the TV Live group of websites.

You can also find NewsChat on Facebook and Twitter.